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WW2 Australian, aluminum watch band

WW2 Australian watch band
This WW2 Australian, aluminum watch band was hand-crafted by a soldier during the war. The soldier's name is W.A.Mannix, I have traced some information and believe he was a Corporal in the army. He is the only soldier to match the name on the band. The only discrepancy was the service number on the watch band didn't match the one on the records. It doesn't seem to make sense. Can anyone please help me solve this puzzle. The service number on the watch band is V.246562. The service number on the army record is VX 150304. I am also not sure about the dates engraved underneath 'Buna' 21.10.43 and 'Lae' 1944 which does not match the dates he enlisted (8th Feb 1945) and when he was discharged (18 Dec 1945).
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What is Trench art ?

Trench art is the name given to objects made or decorated by soldiers, prisoners of war and civilians between 1914 and 1939. Some people imagine soldiers in trenches, avoiding the enemy's attacks, whilst engraving a bullet shell. These soldiers were actually away from the front line, at rest or convalescing.

Materials most commonly used for trench art include: Artillery Shells, bullet casings, items carved from wood (plane propellers etc.), bone, Aluminum and coins.

Some of the most popular trench art items are; vases, ash trays, cigarette lighters,decorative items, picture frames (where they kept photos of their loved ones) and models of war related items eg. canons, planes, tanks etc.

Trench art can be broadly classified into three categories:

1. War mementos made by soldiers during WW1 (1914-1918)

2. Items produced by civilians during both World Wars (1914-1945)

3. Souvenirs produced commercially from discarded war materials during the period between the wars (1918-1939)

Trench art was originally made or bought by soldiers on their tour of duty, to send home to their loved ones.
Trench art today, has become a highly sought after source of memorabilia and is quite valuable among collectors.

Mystery Item

Mystery Item, January 2011.

This mystery item is made of brass and has a lid at each end, with a divider in the middle. (Both ends are angled).
This item may be from the butt of a rifle.

If you know what this item is or if you have any information about it, please reply on the comment page. A larger picture is also displayed in the picture gallery.